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BWB hosts CrowdTuesday

River views, blockchain & a great crowd

· Event,Crowdfunding,P2P lending

BWB is hosting the next European Crowdfunding Network event on our amazing rooftop on Tuesday 30 August.

CrowdTuesday is an after-work event that gathers together the alternative finance ecosystem. It starts with some short talks and is followed by drinks and an opportunity to catch up with other people in the crowdfunding and online lending industry.

In this summer installment the talks will focus on the potential of blockchain / distributed ledgers in alternative finance.

A few online lenders and crowdfunding platforms are already using blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin. We will be asking them to share their thoughts about the impact of such applications.

If you want to find out more about the work we do with crowdfunding and lending platforms, you can have a look at our dedicated page to get a feel for our services and see which individuals are leading our AltFi work.

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